Your Life – Your Direction

Cape Community, Independent Living, News About CORD, Training | March 4, 2021

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It’s Your Life – You Choose the Direction You Go

When 18-year-old Sarah* joined CORD’s Work Readiness and Preparation (WRAP) program, she had no goals for college or employment and relied heavily on the adults in her life to plan for her.

“Sarah’s situation is not unusual,” said Alyson Calnen, CORD’s WRAP coordinator. “Many students joining our program are used to being told what classes to take and are led in the direction their parents and teachers feel is best for them. That’s not what we do in WRAP.”

CORD’s WRAP program teaches pre-employment skills such as career exploration, communication, networking, interviewing, workplace etiquette, budgeting, applying for college and more. It relies heavily on the input of students to choose the sessions they want to take. Using peer support and skills training, Alyson teaches the students the skills they need and supports their decisions for their future.

“It’s their life,” Alyson said. “They should be the ones choosing the direction it’ll go in.”

With WRAP’s support, Sarah chose a field to major in and will start college this coming fall. She has become more independent, more confident and less reliant on others to make decisions for her.

If you are in high school or college, have a disability and are between the ages of 14 – 21, check out CORD’s WRAP program by calling 508-775-8300 or emailing

*Name has been changed.