So Many Reasons to Work for CORD! What’s YOUR reason?

Independent Living, News About CORD, Training | January 14, 2022

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Do you want a rewarding career that allows you to advocate for people with disabilities? Do you want to work at an organization where you can expand your knowledge and advance your career? Do you want to use your creativity and inspiration to think outside the box regarding consumers? If you answered YES to any of these questions, CORD is the right company for you! We have the following positions open:

Full-time Work Readiness and Preparation (WRAP) Coordinator: This program helps students learn about careers, how to interact in the workplace, how to find a career and so much more through workshops and one-on-one trainings. You can help shape the future of these students’ lives!

Full-time Options Counselor: This position helps people with disabilities find long-term care services. You discuss finances, health insurance and available benefits programs with consumers. You also help them transition from nursing homes back to their homes or into nursing homes if that’s their inclination.

Become part of an inspired and dedicated team. Call CORD at 508-775-8300 to inquire today!