PCA Program Change!

Advocacy, Independent Living, News About CORD | April 30, 2021


Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is coming to the Personal Care Attendant (PCA) program in 2022. EVV is a new way for MassHealth to ensure that PCAs are working the hours that are being submitted. PCAs will be required sign in and out using an app on a smartphone or tablet. Consumers will need to verify the hours each pay period. When the PCA signs in or out, the app will note their location and record it as home if they are in the consumer’s home, or as community if they are starting their shift outside the consumer’s home. MassHealth has stated that the actual location of the PCA will not be shared with them and has stressed that PCAs will not be tracked while working. The location feature only turns on when signing in or out.

There are many questions and concerns regarding the EVV and CORD has been attending bi-weekly workgroup meetings to ensure this is rolled out in a fair and accessible manner. Concerns about privacy, lack of internet access, lack of technology, night time PCAs, live-in PCAs and more are being discussed at each meeting.

MassHealth wants to hear from consumers, surrogates and PCAs about concerns and potential issues with EVV so they can address them before it starts. They are holding public listening sessions for people to share their concerns and accepting comments by email at PCAfeedback@massmail.state.ma.us. They are not looking for comments on whether or not to use the new system. EVV is a federal mandate and Massachusetts will lose a lot of money if it fails to implement it.

Check back on CORD’s website and Facebook for more information on EVV and the listening sessions or call CORD at 508-775-8300.