CORD Promotes Executive Director to CEO

News About CORD | January 11, 2017


HYANNIS – The board of directors for the Cape Organization for Rights of the Disabled has named a new Chief Executive Officer.

Coreen Brinckerhoff has served the last 8 years as executive director for the organization which works to advance the independence, productivity and integration of all individuals with disabilities into mainstream society.

Brinckerhoff said the promotion is an acknowledgement of what the entire organization is accomplishing.

“We’re providing such exceptional services in community that now I am able to start thinking about innovative projects and how to grow this organization and provide even more services,” she said.

Brinckerhoff says a path to growing the organization is finding ways to collaborate with the many area non-profits.

“Navigating through a lot of those and trying to find the ways to best work together has always been a challenge and will continue to be a challenge,” Brinckerhoff said.

Mike Magnant, CORD’s Chief Operating Officer, said Brinckerhoff’s appointment to CEO is long overdue and that her leadership has more the organization a leader in its field.

“Coreen is unique in her ability to translate vision and strategy into world-class execution by bringing together people and programs that drive exceptional results,” Magnant said. “There’s no question in my mind that Coreen will continue to move CORD forward by taking advantage of numerous opportunities in front of us.”

Brinckerhoff said the region has made a lot of progress for individuals with disabilities since she joined CORD 22 years ago.

“My aim is to be perfect but I don’t think that that’s really realistic but we keep trying,” she said.

CORD is one of 11 Centers for Independent Living in the state.