Feel like the Odds are Stacked Against You? CORD can help!

Advocacy, Independent Living, News About CORD, Resources | January 13, 2022


Korrine* was living in her car, which caused her to get an infection from her prosthetic leg. When she came to CORD, she felt helpless. With the guidance and assistance of Nadine, CORD’s independent living advocate, Korrine was able to get the help she needed. Nadine encouraged Korrine to set up an appointment with her primary care physician to address the wound on her leg. When she came back to see Nadine, she was still in a lot of pain. Nadine provided information for Korrine to contact the Homeless Outreach Program. Through the program, Korrine was placed in a temporary shelter so she could heal from her wound. While on the mend, she and Nadine worked on obtaining permanent housing and Korrine received a Section 8 mobile voucher. Now Korrine and Nadine are in the process of searching for a one-bedroom rental. Korrine saw her hard work pay off and is excited to get her own place. Let CORD help you find your success story. Call us at 508-775-8300.